" Kathy manages all three of my properties in Colorado Springs. It was far from a smooth transition for her with two of the three involved in eviction proceedings as she took over. She has done an exemplary job! Kathy keeps me posted with almost daily updates. She solves problems and handles repairs and tenant issues quickly and responsibly. I was thinking of selling my rentals before Kathy took over now I'm thinking of picking up a couple more.

I could not be happier with the way Kathy handles my properties. I would not hesitate to recommend her to everyone who owns rentals but is tired of running them. "

-Chad Leaver Proprietor, Beaumont Hotel & Spa

" My first introduction to Kathy Banks was in the later part of 2005 when I became a part of McGinnis GMAC Real Estate as a real estate agent. Although our roles within McGinnis GMAC Real Estate were different, Kathy associated with property management and myself in the real estate arena, there were many times Kathy and I engaged in casual conversation.

Jumping ahead to present day, I employed Kathy on August 11, 2012 to manage a property that I have owned for some time. My decision to employ Kathy was due to my inability to truly manage this particular property and upon the strong recommendation of a mutual acquaintance of myself and Kathy, the rest is history. The knowledge of the owner's rights and tenants rights are where Kathy exceeds. Her managing skills from the onset have been greatly appreciated by me and by all accounts from my existing tenants. I look forward to the future working relationship with Kathy for all of my property management needs. I highly recommend her! "

-Barbara K. Panczykowski

" I started working with Kathy this past summer (2012). She was overseeing one of my friends' homes and they had nothing but great things to say about her. He recommended I contact her to see if she could help me out with my property. I gave her a call and I knew right away that Kathy would be perfect. She had the right amount of sternness and sincerity. Her compassionate heart made me at ease that she would take good care of my property, and her boldness made me sure that there would not be any problems with tenants. The tenants have been paying rent on time and are compliant with all that she presents them with.

I fully trust her and am thankful that my property is in good hands with Kathy. "

-Kelsey Rygh

" Without hesitation I recommend Kathy Banks to you. In my business dealings with Kathy, I have found her to be a person of her word. She holds high standards for herself and is honest, helpful and coureous. She performs her tasks in a timely manner and follows-up to make sure the completed job is satisfactory. She communicates clearly and always has a positive attitude. Kathy is a pleasure to work with. "

-Len Anderson
Len Anderson Construction Inc.

" Kathy has been both a tenant of mine and has managed property on my behalf. To say Kathy (and her husband Gerald) are stellar, trustworthy individuals is an understatement. As a property manager, Kathy understands the significance of entrusting someone to care for your investment. Even as tenants themselves, they care for others’ property as if it were their own. This conscientiousness and moral/ethical fiber transports into Kathy’s personality and professional abilities as a property manager.

As my property manager, Kathy was an anomaly. Unlike other property managers I have had the displeasure of hiring; Kathy’s approach was simple and direct. Rest assured, you will not get lost in some extensive, unmanageable list clients/customers. Kathy is a fanatic when it comes to contractual obligations and accountability. She holds herself to a high standard and she holds others to that same level. She is diplomatic, but at the same time she is not one to play games. Once Kathy senses a tenant is untrustworthy or unaccountable, she confronts the individual and if necessary, presses to the next logical, legal step.

If I were in a position to own/rent more property at the moment, Kathy would be my first call. Her years of prior experience means she “knows the ropes!” Once in her hands, property is managed properly. Likewise, any issues regarding your property will be quickly addressed and if/when needed, your phone will ring as soon as practicable.

If you are considering using Kathy as your property manager, rest assured you are hiring someone who understands property care and will be a strong, efficient advocate. She’ll unquestionably do everything in her legal power to protect your asset from unethical tenants. "

-Mr. Michael Heidt
Lt Col (retired), US Air Force

" I've been acquainted with Kathy Banks for 8 years and have forwarded many landlords and property owners to her in the time I've known her. She knows how to treat both property owners, and tenants. She's knowledgeable and able to take the necessary steps to represent her clients. I had previously referred a client to her that wanted to purchase more rental properties. He found that she had left the company she was previously with and was upset because he couldn't find her. He was happy to know that she was starting a new company and that he could work with her again! He said that he trusted her and that she really knew her stuff!

I feel quite comfortable sending people to her as I know she'll get the job done. "

-Michael Winslow, Realtor

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